About us

Moving Materials Worldwide

Coming originally from the raw material sector DCMC is specialized in Supply Chain Management & Logistic Services for all kind of materials. We count on our knowledge in the raw material ferrous industry, trading and logistic activities.

DCMC’s team is moving materials since more than 20 years. Your advantage is our knowledge, your shipment is our mission, your values are our guidelines.

Knowing local and intercultural aspects of the daily business we are offering best tailor-made solutions to our clients. Hundred-thousands of tons moved all over the world. 128 port of calls. Reliable, quick and innovative we are offering mostly the best rates in the market for full service in one hand.

We are moving materials through Russia, Caucasus, Middle Asia, Far East, Africa, Middle East, Europe and USA. Our team is working 24/7 for your shipment.

Let us offer you a perfectly customized solution!